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World-leading patented technology

Multiple peptide expression method

Genetic Engineering + fermentation mass production​​


Rharmon global biomedical has obtained multinational patent technology certificates, 
And produce various oral peptide products to meet market demand, maximize the effect of peptides on human health.


Features of multiple peptide expression method:
1/ Accurate amino acid sequencing: :Source from published literature Amino acid sequence,Amino acid sequence confirmed by sequencing.
2/ GRAS grade yeast fermentation production:Use GRAS-grade yeasts to produce sequencing peptides by extracellular secretion, Contains no chemicals.
3/Multiple peptide expression method: Global Innovation Patent, can combine different functional peptides.

4/ Unique peptide protection design:Unique Peptide Protection Mechanism, avoiding hydrolysis by pepsin.

Use our patented process technology to continuously develop various functional peptides that benefit to humans.

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