Gusongling peptide solid beverage

NT $ 2,980元


Maintain energy, normal metabolism, enhance physical strength

Applicable ethnic group: overworked

. Stay up late to sleep

. Busy life

. Easy to catch cold

【Human genome sequencing】100% amino acid sequencing, high accuracy.

【Professional manufacturing process】The sequenced amino acid sequence is copied on the selected yeast, and the yeast is naturally divided, extracted, and mass-produced.

【Peptide Recombination】Combine a variety of different sequencing peptides to produce a variety of peptide products with different sequencing functions.

【Patent protection】The patented peptides are heat-resistant, acid-resistant, highly stable, and can be effectively absorbed to function.

【Ingredients】Maltodextrin、Yeast ferment extractions
【Capacity】2g X 30 packs/ box
【Usage】Ingest 2 packets per day while empty stomach or before a meal. Please drink with warm water juice or milk, please do not  direct ingesting to avoid choking. Consult with a nationalist if you have special conditions.
【Allergens】This product contains soybeans, maltodextrin, and their products.
【Meat Supplement】Vegan
【Place of Origin】Taiwan


Food business registration number: A-182885458-00000-6
This product has been insured with Fubon 20 million product liability insurance

Has multi-national new patent certification
Passedmultiple SGS inspections

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